Medical Audit Resource Services, Inc. (MARSI)

With Over 25 Years of Experience, MARSI is the industry leader in medical documentation, coding, & auditing.

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5 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews.

MARSI is the expert we go to

“MARSI is the expert we go to for coding, quick turn around times and providing supplemental education to our staff. Their services have enhanced the productivity of HIM insuring we meet our goals.”

It is crucial to have a company like MARSI

“Over the past three years, Charles Cole Memorial Hospital has used the resources of the MARSI company for validation of DRG’s and correct coding. In order to remain compliant and monitor our revenue cycle management, it is crucial to have a company like MARSI as a tool to support our needs. Thank you!”

We look forward to a long-standing relationship with MARSI

“Your company and our hospital corporation have grown together over the years. We feel that we were on the cutting edge of the DRG review process, including incorporating over-code recommendations, from the first day that we started doing business together. The development of the sliding scale reimbursement, which incorporates the concept of both over-code and under-code recommendations, seems to be the most appropriate way to reimburse a DRG review company. Although the government has not always understood the concept, when we have had cause to explain the contract, ultimately there has been agreement that using a review service, which not only recommends under-codes but also over-codes and has incentives to find both, makes sense.

Our continuing relationship with you solidifies the fact that we have great confidence and need for your review organization. We appreciate the personal way in which you handle all queries and potential problems. We look forward to a long-standing relationship.”

MARSI provides a layer of protection on which we can depend on

“It is also interesting that the government has not totally understood a concurrent DRG review program. It was somewhat shocking to hear from a government representative that they were concerned about one of our hospitals because they did not have rebillings. When I explained the concurrent program, they were immediately suspicious, I believe, because they had never seen a similar program. I explained that we wanted to do it right the first time, before we billed the chart, rather than sending them charts knowing that some percentage were inaccurately coded. It has been an interesting experience watching the government reviewers understand that the purpose of DRG review is to get it right the first time.

I can honestly say, as the compliance officer for my corporation, I trust the recommendations made by MARSI implicitly. We have made decisions to go toe to toe with the government based on the opinions of MARSI’s expert staff, and we have won. It is a relief to know that MARSI provides a layer of protection on which we can depend.”