Company Profile

Proven_Strategy A recognized industry leader, Medical Audit Resource Services, Inc. (MARSI), a Health Management Associates (HMA) Company, offers expertise in both fee-for-service and risk-adjusted plans focused on Health Information Management systems.

MARSI attracts and retains true experts.The company has a quarter of a century record of identifying specific opportunities for our clients as well as defining their areas of risk. MARSI’s experts are known nationally and are a trusted resource for our clients, which has driven a high rate of customer retention and outstanding reputation.

MARSI’s extensive client list includes hospitals, hospital corporations, physician groups, commercial fee-for-service plans as well as risk-adjusted plans and the attorneys that work with these clients. We offer expertise in training, coding and auditing services for hospitals and physicians using inpatient, outpatient and risk adjusted reimbursement methodologies.

MARSI has been a pioneer in several areas that are now standard operating procedure amongst healthcare providers and their contracted service providers, i.e. over-code identification, physician queries, pre-bill auditing, coder and physician training (physician-to-physician), Clinical Documentation Improvement, observation vs. inpatient status determinations (4 years before the RACs), and more.

MARSI services are mainly in five categories but, just like the business of medicine itself, there is much overlapping and synergy.

The five categories are:

  • Expert auditing
  • Primary (direct) coding
  • Coder, Case Manager and Physician education
  • Comprehensive Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • Physician Advisor Support