Clinical Documentation Improvement 

MARSI is known for Delivering Real Results

Our long time clients report reduced denials, increased efficiency and an accelerated revenue cycle without the expense of adding full-time staff. 

Known for Our Close Interaction with existing coding staff through audits, education and queries.

Our experts supplement and enhance your staff.


Every finding is educational, not just a “ding”.



Recognized as the industry leader. 

Writing queries to physicians for over 20 years MARSI perfected the query process before anyone knew about queries.

Our results are accurate & reproducible:  We find lost revenue, defensibly, while training your staff & physicians.

Pre Bill Auditing


Pre-bill Auditing

After 24 years, MARSI is still one of the few companies that can offer pre-bill auditing.

Usually ... In one business day

The obvious advantages are:  improved accuracy, fewer denials, and less chart submission for re-billings, all without increasing A/R days.



Compliance & Auditing

Inpatient Compliance Review.

MARSI’s recommended program provides a pre-bill review of coding assigned by the facility for the most appropriate MS-DRG assignment.

The pre-bill process eliminates the need for re-submission of these claims, thereby reducing any “red flags” for review by CMS.

Recovery Audit Contractors


RAC Audit Support


Actively involved since the inception of the RAC Demonstration Project.

MARSI's proven approach includes proactive and retroactive components.

WE address the RAC focus areas to diminish the risk of future adverse determinations.

MARSI - Innovation for over 25 Years

“We do it the right way.”  MARSI’s slogan for a decade, and mission statement since inception 25 years ago.

From day one, we've looked for undercoding/under billing AND overcoding/overbilling…  a true compliance program. AND, each recommendation for more accurate coding has always been complete with specific education as to why we made the recommendation. MARSI specializes in RAC Audit Support, Medical Coding Consulting, Healthcare Revenue Cycle ManagementClinical Documentation Improvement, Peer Reviews, Compliance Auditing and more!MARSI Physician Queries

Writing queries to physicians for 25 years, we were writing queries before anyone knew about queries.

And Compliance.  We haven't called it “compliance” for 25 years; we called it “being defensible” until “compliance” became the buzz term.

MARSI realized 25 years ago that physician documentation was central to problems with coding, utilization, and quality.  We've been successfully educating physicians ever since.

Over a decade ago, we began a focus on Observation vs. Inpatient admission status. There seemed to be great confusion and a high number of medically unnecessary inpatient admissions.  It looked like trouble ahead for our clients and we aimed at fixing it. The RAC focus was no surprise.

MARSI_Clinical_Documentation[1][1].jpgWe developed and refined a simple, highly successful Physician Documentation Improvement process that actually helps train physicians and changes their documentation practices, while capturing lost revenue. Within the last 10 years, Clinical Documentation Improvement has become a nationwide concept.


Finding lost revenue, defensibly, while training your staff and physicians. 

We pride ourselves with being the quality leaders in the industry.  Our experts are nationally known.  Our results are accurate and reproducible.

Beyond all of that, we treat each client personally becoming an integral member of your organization.